100 mal schnelleres Internet durch neues Netzwerk-Design

Wie mashable.com schreibt, arbeiten Forscher am MIT an einer neuartigen Technik um das Internet schneller zu machen. Um das zu ermöglichen soll der zeitintensive Prozess der Datenumrechnung von Optisch auf Elektrisch eleminiert werden. Aber lest selbst…
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New Network Design Could Make the Internet 100 Times Faster

The “magic” behind the concept is to eliminate or reduce the most time-intensive part of data transmission, which involves converting an optical signal into an electrical signal for memory storage. Memory storage is required whenever multiple optical signals arrive at the same router at the same time, requiring said router to convert and store the extra signals coming in until they can be properly processed.

Still, with the advent and growing popularity of bandwidth-intensive applications like high-definition video streaming, moving to a flow switching network might start to make financial sense for Internet (Internet) service providers and tech companies.

A group of MIT researchers has demonstrated a method of network topology that could render the Internet 100 or even 1,000 times faster than it is today.

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